6 Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips for Small & Medium Businesses

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential marketing technique for getting more traffic to your website, there are diverse strategies that help getting more traffic to your business website but if you’re a small or medium business with local customers or have customers in multiple countries, the information on how to optimize your website is dispersed and hard to find.

I will take you through the best 6 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips to get more targeted traffic and maximum lead generation.


Consider setting up a local server because a local server refines your website in search engines in the country that you have targeted hence try to set up servers in your specific targeted countries. For example if your company is based in India or Seychelles and you have a .co.uk domain name extension,  have your website set up on a server in India (.in) or Seychelles (.sc), this will ensure that your business is showing up in local search result.


It’s essential for your website to load faster because your website load times are the major key determinant in how visitors form a first impression of your website. If your website speed is faster, you have excellent advantage of ranking your site higher on Google and other leading search engines because slow websites in the course of time get lower search engine ranking. Local hosting will also usually help reducing the page load speeds, so this is another benefit you will get by setting up local servers.


Creating language and country specific website could be time consuming but if you have the resources available, create language and country specific websites for your each specific domain name extension i.e. (.co.uk, .co.in, .sc, .nz, etc). If you don’t prefer to have different domains for each specific and targeted country and language, consider buying the domain extension and redirect these extensions to the sub category, i.e. http://yoursitename.com/sc. Whatever option you choose, country specific or language specific, it will be referred as a “local site” by search engines.


When it comes to international marketing campaign, you must start, much like local search engine optimization, with “on page optimization”. You need to set your meta tags with the targeted country where you are planning to market your product and services. Most search engines recognize the language meta tag. For example: <meta http-equiv=”content-langauge”content=”en-uk”>, so you or your SEO company need to include this in each and every local website pages under <head></head> tags.  You can get complete list of meta tags from here.


Google has a provision for webmasters to geographically target certain pages or sections of the website for specific regions and locations through Google Webmaster Tools. You or your SEO agency can set this easily by logging into your Webmaster Tools account. Check site configuration and update your geographic targeting setting in the settings tab.


Each and page of your website, including your blog and advertisement pages, must have at least one Call to Action above the page’s fold, because all the advertisement at the top of the page get considerably more clicks than the lower Call to Actions. In other words, don’t let your website visitor scroll down the pages to check the Call to Action. Calls to Action can help Google and leading search engines by creating an internal link on your website to a specific landing page. Most calls to actions are used as images, therefore you must optimize the filename of your Call to Action image and alt text for the main targeted keyword on the page.

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