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In any kind of marketing, the word ‘brand’ is the most common word, off brand, personal brand, the leading brand – you get the pictures. However, in business there is often confusion around the meaning of branding. What does it involve? Do I need to hire a digital marketing expert? Is branding and digital marketing […]

It has become difficult than ever to get your position on the web. Searches for your business name, products or services do not always lead to your web site. Many companies with alike names and domain names, along with similar products and services often hit your business to the top of Google search results. Submitting […]

Have you heard stories of people who hired web design companies to design and develop their website and either got poorly designed websites or the web designer ran away with the money? Or what about the small and medium business owners who hired their friends/nephew/relative to design their website for free, and the results were […]

We face many challenges as a small business owners, too many of them to elaborate in this blog. One challenge that grabbed my attention recently is how customers normally feel “they’ll receive excellent packaged product and service from the larger and established branded business”. Professional service is not only limited to serving customers with a […]

Your law firm website is your identity and if you really want to maximize your potential, you need to consider investing in quality website design, content and aesthetics. This means, you need to pay careful attention to layout, design and functionality. To help you guide through the process, I have refined a complete list of […]

For people looking for information, product and services, search engines have become one of the core resources. Over the past few years, internet search has decreased the need for old traditional methods of searching, such as classifieds and yellow pages. If you are a small business owner, you need to adapt to the changes of […]

Social media was regarded by some professionals as a passing fad few years ago. Something that was useful only for the kids and that companies and small and medium businesses could never really take advantage from. Over time, the skeptics of social media marketing were proved wrong. There are now over 3.5 billion active internet […]

When I started my own business few years ago, the first thing that came in my mind was “I need to have a website”. Why do I need a website?, Why did I think that? I made a decision of getting with the program and copy the fundamental questions of Steve Jobs about why I […]

“Why” was also asked by Steve Jobs. Every single operation within his organization was challenged by him. Everyone, from accounting team to engineers, worked differently because Steve would ask them why they did things in a certain way. And the answer, “Well. That is how everyone else is going” simply was not good enough. When […]

Before hiring a web design company for your law firm, do not get trapped by your web designer by: 1- Signing a long term contract for a website that you were promised will deliver high traffic but doesn’t do anything except costing you hundreds of dollars each month. 2- You get no help when your […]