3 Best Digital Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

We face many challenges as a small business owners, too many of them to elaborate in this blog. One challenge that grabbed my attention recently is how customers normally feel “they’ll receive excellent packaged product and service from the larger and established branded business”. Professional service is not only limited to serving customers with a smile, it is more significantly about serving the customer with what they actually need, when do they need it and at times even when they really do not know if they need it.

One of the most systematic battlefields to mold war against large business is on the digital marketing platform. Mainly because of some of the best features that digital marketing services has to offer. When you plan digital marketing for your business, make sure there are no budgetary restrictions at the initial stage because this is completely different than traditional marketing which very often priorities budget over efficient and correct implementation.

Don’t take me wrong, each marketing effort generally requires a budget, however some of them requires more budget than others.

So here is the guide for every small and medium business owner to implement the strategy for digital marketing in 2016.

1- Consider That Mobile Is King

We are living in a century where there are more mobiles than people, with a total percentage of 138%, in addition over 85% of the total population search for information, products and services from a mobile device.

So what does this really mean for small and medium businesses in India? If you don’t have a website that is optimized for mobile consumers, you are critically fighting a war against Italy, Germany or USA, while your competitors enjoy the deface of the rest of countries.

It is important to realize that desktop and mobile visitors each have different intention while browsing your website. Once you have found this out, your next step is to find out how your site qualifies for business objectives that meet your consumer’s intentions. For example, simple website enquiry or a lead generation is often the main objective when on mobile. So is your small business website developed to push lead-generation before the site visitor scrolls down the web page?

2- Your Business Must be as Credible Online as it is Offline

All businesses regardless of their size should take every possible opportunity to showcase credibility cues to their consumers. This is even more essential online, when the customers are likely to be even more skeptical. The following are absolutely important to display your credibility:

– Register your small business with all Google channels

– List your contact details like landline number, physical address and operating hours

– Add Google maps location on Google and the main contact page of your website

– Add photos of the business

Is your business available on Google Maps? Try to Google your business or brand name to see what shows up. You may visit https://www.google.com/business to register and list your business.

3) Target Your Consumers by Behavior

The twenty first centaury customer’s demands personalized communications as well as products and services. This means when you plan your digital marketing strategy, you need to consider the following

– Location of your consumers

– Targeting of customers based on their interest, browsing and purchasing history

– Demographic group of your customers and their social circles

Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn offer amazing tools to scrutinize your targeted audience. Here is just one sample screenshot you can take a look if you are planning to run a paid ad campaign on Facebook.

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