3 Must Haves For Cutting-Edge Law Firm Websites

3 must haves for cutting edge law firms website design

Must Have Features for Law Firm Website

Are you considering a new website for your law firm this year? If yes, you are probably organizing a wish list of your new website features.

In my experience, unfortunately the standard wish list does not offer much value because they tend to look backwards. The wish list is more focused on finding the old website deficiencies rather than compiling a rich feature. As a result, you end up making a wish list which is full of features that were state of the art four years ago like audio capability / flash rich website etc.

If you are planning to move your law firm’s website far off the basics, please read on. I have organized a list of three important must have features to build a cutting edge law firm website.

1. Better Site Search

In recent years, websites for law firms, lawyers and attorneys have become huge. Unfortunately, this means that it is usually difficult for users to find the service they are looking for. There is just too much information to go through on the internet.

The solution to this problem is: Next Generation Site Search

If the word “site search” is a new term for you, let me explain what it is. In the past, the search box on the law firm’s website has been a one way usability ticket, but over times, the best law firm websites now add “next generation site search technology” which includes tons of rich features. Here are some examples:

-Predictive search: This site search feature offers “search results” to users in real time (as they are typing).  Users love it and it is quick.

-Tools to manipulate results: Some of the best site search tools allow you to utilize search results to meet your marketing goals. For example, some of your top lawyers can be set to appear first when “top lawyers of your firm” is searched (even if the search engine algorithm naturally places them fifth on the search engine results page).

-Smart matches: Some websites use “crazy logic” to produce exact search results even when there is not a direct match. For example:

    1. Partial words: “Net” will return results for “Internet”
    2. Misspellings: “Compoter” will return results for “Computer”
    3. Suffixes and prefixes: “Sleep” will return results for “Sleeping”
    4. Plurals: “Phones” will return results for “Phone”

2. Integration of Blogs

Blogs sometimes contain some of the most powerful piece of information and content of a law firm. Most of the time, all this important piece of information resides on a blog that are completely separated from the website (i.e., different server, separate technology, different look and feel). This is called the (hub and spoke model) and users normally hate it because it forces them to click back and forth between the law firm’s website and the blog. This causes poor user experience, makes user tracking difficult and reduces user level of engagement.

Due to the hub and spoke model deficiencies, this method is fading away. Some of the best web design and development agencies are now building blogs into a website navigational scheme and CMS. Not only this improves tacking and usability but it allows users to view the complete text of a law firm’s blog post. Considering the huge amount of traffic that goes to a law firm’s website, this is a necessity.

3. Advanced User Tracking

There are many technologies exists that will allow you to track visitors of your websites by keywords, demographic, age group, gender etc.

A website that is built with these tracking tools can be used to focus on specific marketing plan and nurture new business leads. And this means that you can develop a new business with your law firm’s website. Progressive law firm’s digital marketing and SEO consultants can help you to take advantage of these new technologies.

If you need any help and assistance in creating a cutting edge website for your law firm, please contact MAC Design Inc. today.

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