3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Non Tech Professionals and SME’s


Social media and social media and more social media!!!

We always hear about social media. But, as a busy business owner, professional and entrepreneur are you correctly using social media channels to grow your business and customers? Tell the truth and self examine yourself. When I was asked this question, my answer was “NO”. Yes, I understand all teenage kids are living on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and all other  best social media channels, however as a smart business owner, I had no idea what I was doing. This new marketing channel was totally terrifying but I finally learned some basic steps and soon social media started helping my company grow. The concepts are very simple, the toughest part is executing them and being consistent in developing your social media marketing program.

Social media marketing shouldn’t be a fad in your business. You cannot use social media today and then come back after few months to work on these channels again. This method will not work. In 2016, Social media marketing strategy for small and medium businesses is highly monetized and very real. To stay ahead of the competition, you must have your presence on social media, period. Below I have outlined five tips for social media marketing for non tech professionals, entrepreneurs and small and business owners.

1. Consider Hiring an Expert Social Media Marketing Company

As highly motivated professionals and business owners, we think we can very easily micro manage every area of our business. We are smart and we can brag more than 70 hours a week and there is nothing we can do or learn. However, you need to have a real expertise and spend significant time to execute social media marketing campaign properly. It takes quite a long time to execute social media marketing strategy and you need to decide whether you will be the leader of your social media marketing campaign, if not, consider hiring an expert social media optimization marketing company or consultants, they can be very productive if you know how to manage their time, the process and the deliverables.

2. Start With Few Social Media Channels

Begin your social media marketing campaign with few popular channels not all as that is not going to help at the initial stage. The most popular channels are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. For beginners, account creation and initial set up on these channels is simple. All you need to do is, fill out a few details like your email address, your name, phone number and address.

Please note, you will have no follower when you start hanging on these channels so don’t be discouraged. You need to build it and they will come.
When you create your profile or about page, you need to exercise professionalism and care. You can be more conversational and less formal on Twitter and Facebook but on LinkedIn, you need to be more careful and keep it professional. Use giveaways and polls in order to obtain feedback from customers and to provide more information, write and post articles about your business, product and services.

3. Make Your Company Stand Out & Establish Your Brand.

The first opportunity (challenge) in social media channels is to ensure that the customers quickly notice your brand and your company. There is a simple technique for this, ask your web designer or web design company to add Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels links on your website and blog and add it to your email signature as well.

Act Now

The very important thing every professional, entrepreneur and business owner needs to know is that the time to include social media in your marketing program is NOW. Take the action today, because social media is where more and more of your potential consumers are socializing and you need to be have your presence everywhere as they might be searching for products and services your company is offering.

Take a look at the infographic below to know why social media is the rock star of digital marketing.


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