5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm Web Design Company


Before hiring a web design company for your law firm, do not get trapped by your web designer by:

1- Signing a long term contract for a website that you were promised will deliver high traffic but doesn’t do anything except costing you hundreds of dollars each month.

2- You get no help when your website goes down once it’s up and running

Here are few questions you must ask your law firm web design agency before hiring them to design or redesign your law firm’s website.

1- Is There a Long Term Contract?

For your law firm web design (and I am not mentioning SEO, digital marketing or social media marketing services), there should not be any contract. There is only one purpose of a contract and that is to get you to pay for the hosting or maintaining your website. If your web designer is focusing only on website designing, they don’t need to keep you with a long contract.

One thing to consider: SEO and digital marketing agencies usually do have 6 months of minimum contracts. Why? Because search engines doesn’t rank your website right away. It takes couple of months to start getting visibility and traffic. (Algorithm’s of Google doesn’t trust new sites right away).

2-Website Hosting and Support

Two components you need with your website, the website design itself and then the hosting space on a dedicated server to launch your website online with quick loading. Many professional website design companies offer hosting services as part of a website design package. Hosting terms can vary from quarterly to annually.

If your web agency is hosting your website, they should be providing some sort of on-going support that you will be paying for. For example, one of our client’s website was hacked last year which is hosted with us and we cleaned it and hosted it again, you should be getting same kind of hosting support if your website is affected.

3- Are you Promised “Number 1 Ranking On Google”?

This is not possible, if your law firm SEO or digital marketing company is promising you “1st page of Google search ranking” for a specific keyword, this is a big red flag. There are many elements involved in SEO, and few keywords are more result driven than others.

Getting to the top ranking for “United States Bankruptcy Law Firm” is a lot more difficult than “Seychelles Bankruptcy Law Firm” or “Law Firm in Mumbai, India”.

If your law firm is being promised number one ranking, check if it’s for a keyword that actually brings any traffic.

4- Is the Website Built Using WordPress?

For most lawyers, law firms and attorneys, we highly recommend building your website on WordPress, Why? Because WordPress is unbelievably search engine friendly, incredibly customizable and once your firm’s website is live, it is extremely easy to add content and new pages.

Today, WordPress is more than a platform for blogging, it powers 30% of all sites on the internet. If your website is not built on WordPress and is on another platform, there is a high chance that you may not be able to easily access it in the scenario you decide that you want to host your website somewhere else.

5- Is the Website Responsive?

2  points to consider:

  1. Your law firm’s website should be responsive (mobile friendly)
  2. Making a responsive (mobile friendly) website should not be a premium service

Your website should be responsive (mobile friendly) and it should fit easily to the dimension of any browser screen, whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If there is a mobile website which is separate (e.g. m.your-domain.com), that is not responsive. Creating a separate mobile website version is not recommended as you can get penalized by Google for adding same content on two versions of website (duplicate content), this will decrease your visibility on search engines

Responsive website design and development should not be a premium since it is not difficult to make a website mobile responsive using WordPress technology. Your web design agency should not charge you for any extra hour or added labor. That being said, converting your exiting website into a responsive website is not very easy and if you just plan to update your existing website, you are often better off starting the website design from scratch and just using the old content.


Hope the questions list above helps you when assessing a lawyer or attorney website design firms, so that you have some knowledge on what you can reasonably expect and know exactly what you are paying for.

If you have any question or need assistance in designing or redesigning your law firm’s website, please feel free to send us an email at sales@macdesignin.com and we’ll be glad to help.

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