Does it Really Matter to Have a Website With Good Speed?

Does it Really Matter to Have a Website With Good Speed-MAC Design Inc.
Let’s think of a person, perhaps a prospective customer or client of your business, using the internet to look for the product or service your company offers. They see top ten results and click on one of the top links, and then the waiting starts. The person’s tolerance wanes rapidly as the web page struggles to load. How long are they ready to look at the blank screen before going back to the search engine result page and clicking on the next link? Which is more likely to be your competitor’s link? They will not be waiting more than 5 seconds for the web page to load before going ahead and clicking another website link from search result.

With some best SEO and correct website design strategies and with some luck, that person who could be your potential client or new customer will move on to your web page. And when they land on your website, you will definitely want your web page to load faster and better than your competitor’s so that you have more chances of converting that visitor into a customer.

In the history of mankind, the patience level of people these days are likely the minimal it has even been. Well, I am not sure what it used o be in the stone-age but you must be getting my drift. People unfortunately don’t waste the time when it comes to speed of service.

How Important is User Experience?

User experience is more important than anything else and this is the reality of today’s online culture. When your website has a good speed and a short loading time, the visitor will not return to the next page of your competitor and instead continue browsing your website. Users will be more engaged if the page loads faster and they will be more attracted to go deeper into the site and eventually even convert.

Although, many people may not know this reality, web page speed also has a remarkable impact on the quality-score of a site. Google considers fast loading speed of a landing page as a factor of overall experience evaluation. The slow speed of the page will lead users to bounce and as a result not convert, which will certainly harm the score of the quality.

For example, let’s think of a slow website in terms of credit. Having a website which is very slow loading is like paying late bills, if it takes extended amount of time to pay your bills, your credit gets affected drastically. When the score of your credit drops, the interest rates gets increased and your life is negatively affected.

Likewise, search engines penalize a slow loading website by ranking it furthermore down in search result pages. It’s a part of the Google algorithm used to decide how to rank your website. When a site is well optimized and loads faster, the ranking will go on top and will help your website push above its competitors.

How Page Speed is Measured by Google

To measure a website speed, Google uses a tool called Page Speed Score and the tool is used from 0 to 100 points. The score is increased when a site performs better. In Google’s eyes, normally a grade of 85 or above is a passing score. The score is also measured from another tool called “Page Speed Insights”. This speed tool looks at the performance of web page for mobile sites and desktop.

In addition, there is no point of having a great resources, useful information and content on a website, if the web page speed is not up to the mark. It really doesn’t make sense to have a significant conversion focused site if the complete user-experience is hampered by slow loading speed. Thus, the page speed is exceptionally important and should be taken into consideration when the website is being designed by your website design and development company or optimized by your SEO and internet marketing company.

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