How To Choose The Best Web Design Agency In India – Questions

How-To-Choose-The-Best-Web-Design-Agency-in-India-or-Seychelles - Questions

A web design agency that can deliver results will ask more questions about your business, your industry and your customers, then you.

If only the platform your website will be built on or the creative design they can create matters to them, you could well end up getting a website that gets very little or no traffic at all.

Why Do You ‘Need’ a Website?

There is now an almost universal agreement that says, “If you run a business you need a professional website”, and the reason for this is very compelling indeed.

You have almost definitely read about them, heard of many such reasons and you may have possibly likely to have talked about them.

However, at the end of the day, it all points to the same things, if you are not present on the web, you are losing potential business and leaving money on the table.

So What Do You Do About It?

Well, if you are planning to find a web agency in India or any other country to help improve or develop your web presence then you quickly need to determine your current state.

Typically, you will relate to any of the following scenarios:

– You don’t have a website for your business and you are looking to create one from scratch.

– You already have an existing website which you are planning to improve slightly (make-over).

– You already have an existing website which you are planning to improve hugely (re-design).

Conducting a search for best web designing company based in India provides you with lot of options that can provide results ranging from daunting to challenging. Some website designers are offering websites for $1000, a web agency says that their website design and development starts from $5000. Then there is the difference between ‘website design companies’, ‘web agencies’, ‘website designers’, or ‘digital marketing agencies’.

You certainly need help so where do you start? And what if you wish to have complete control on your website but lack either the skills or time to achieve that? What then?

If this framework sounds common, or you are planning to find a new web design agency in India or any other country, here is our ultimate guide for what to look for and very importantly, the necessary questions you need to ask your web designer or web design company.

Question 1: Achieving Business Results

Without any doubt, the one most important factor is working out what you would like your website to achieve by cautiously considering what its main goals and aims are. For example, if your website is for an organization, small or medium business (SME’s) or law firms, lawyers or attorneys, it should be about return on investment (ROI).

If you are looking to build a brand online, it should be about a clear emphasis with good online visibility, and if you are simply planning to provide information about your business, expertise, products or services online, your website needs to be user friendly, interactive and open 24/7 library, in other words a virtual extension of your marketing collateral’s.

Your Question: Ask your website design company to provide strong proof of their expertise through case studies and client testimonials and assess both effectiveness and standard of their work.

Question 2: Put a Price on Value

Cost is a important factor in any web design and development project and can often be a deal-marker or deal-breaker specially when it comes to hiring a new web design & development company.
As with many industries, the term “you get what you pay for” rings true in the design and development world as anywhere else so the significance that a new website offers is a vital consideration. Put it in another way, by cost cuttings what you might save may not reap as much value when it comes to delivering results in the long term.

Your Question: Ask your web design agency if they could provide a clear proof of value delivered through substantial results. Understanding the distinction between value and cost means that the former need not be a deal breaker if you are confident that your web agency can deliver a good return-on-investment for your business.

Question 3: SEO ‘Finding The ‘Keywords that Pays’.

An essential element of any website is content. Would you be able to create your own content or need help? The value of having a well written keyword focused content on your website is one of the most important factors that can make or break the quality and amount of search engine traffic that your website get.

If your web agency gives you no information about website optimization, or worse, tell you it’s not very important – walk away!

Your question: Ask your web agency what techniques they will use to ensure your website will have the possible chance of being found on the search engine results.

To conclude before hiring a web design or SEO agency in India or any other country ask them to explain their approach in detail, ensure that the final strategy takes a pragmatic approach and is “joined-up” with the best quality deliverable that can be achieved within budget, on times and which meets all goals of your business.


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