Top 3 Law Firm Web Design & Digital Marketing Best Practices


Professionally designed website is a vital centerpiece of your law firm’s online presence. Whether via referral, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other source, potential clients visit your website to know more about your track record, lawyers, firm’s expertise and experience, and decide whether your lawyers have the experience and expertise to meet their requirements. Indeed, in a recent general counsel survey, it is indicated that 100% of respondent always prefer to review the website of a law firm, lawyers and attorneys before purchasing and evaluation legal services, while 90% respondent reported that biographies of lawyer is one of the most important sections of a law firm’s website.

On the other side, poorly designed and outdated law firm website is more likely to lead your prospective clients to leave your website and end up finding website to one of your competitors. Creating a website for your law firm that attracts more visitors, grabs their attention and converts them into prospects, requires best practices.

I have highlighted the top 4 best practices below which law firms, attorneys and lawyers must consider while designing a website and developing a digital, SEO and internet marketing strategy:


Homepage is the most important page of your law firm’s website and get higher page views than other pages. Following are some practices you can ask your website designer or web design company to follow to highlight your law firm’s expertise and experience while designing a website.

  • Add a One Sentence Tagline:

The homepage should start with a tagline that summarizes what your law firm does, especially when you start practicing and new in the industry. The tagline is important because it explains your first time customer and site visitors how they can benefit from your services.

  • Include Customer Testimonials:

Featuring recommendation of your potential clients on the website of your law firm is an amazingly powerful way to legitimize practices your law firm offers, this will give social proof that encourages your website visitors to convert into prospective customers.

  • Add all Corporate Information into One Distinct Area:

Finding out more information about your law firm is rarely a visitor’s first task. But sometimes, people look for details on the website about you, your lawyers and attorneys. Presenting best corporate information is especially necessary if you are looking for ways to increase your firm’s credibility. An “About us” or “Who we are” section is the great way to link site visitors to more detailed information that can be presented in a section of homepage which should be redirected to the main “about us” page.

If you are planning to move your law firm’s website far off the basics, check out the list of three important must have features to build a cutting edge law firm website.


Users will often remember articles, products, or promotions that were featured prominently on the homepage, but they won’t know how to find them once you move the features inside the site. To help users locate key items, keep a short list of recent features on the homepage, and supplement it with a link to a permanent archive of all other homepage features.


Don’t just decorate your law firm web page with stock art. Images are one of the most useful communicators when are used to show items of interest to your website users, but will have opposite effect if they seem irrelevant or frivolous. For example, the best practice is to always show pictures of real people truly related to the topic, rather than showing pictures of models.


Your site visitors scan down the pages of your law firm website, trying to find the section that will help them find information they are looking for. It’s important to use content with targeted and appropriate keyword phrases to make it easier for website scanning eyes. This practice will also help search engines to find your website easily when the exact keyword phrase is searched. Please make sure that you don’t use multiple pages with the same content as you may get penalized by Google and other search engines. If you don’t have the time and resources to comply with best SEO practices, you may consider hiring the digital marketing agency or SEO company specializing in internet marketing and digital marketing.

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