Top 4 Tips for Designing a Professional Law Firm Website


Your law firm website is your identity and if you really want to maximize your potential, you need to consider investing in quality website design, content and aesthetics. This means, you need to pay careful attention to layout, design and functionality. To help you guide through the process, I have refined a complete list of tricks and tips.

Why Having a Website for Your Law Firm Matters

For attorneys and lawyers who are practicing for twenty, thirty or forty plus years, it is sometimes not easy to completely grasp an importance of a law firm website. After all, you must have had great success in the early 60s, 70s or 80s without even thinking about having a website. Well, the time has changed and traditional marketing has changed to internet marketing, even acquisition of clients has moved online. Almost everything has moved online and if you want your law firm to remain competitive, you need to have a professional website. Here is why:

Your Competitors Are Online:

Chances are more likely that your biggest competition is already online which means their law firm is in front of prospective clients 24 / 7. While you may ignore the friction right away, you will eventually start to see your competitors getting bigger while your law firm withers away. You need a highly professional and well designed website to stay ahead of the competition.

People Search For Products and Services Online:

Did you know that 95% of people use internet and search engines to find information, products and services? And around 80% use Google to find local businesses including lawyers, attorneys and law firms. If you really want prospective clients to find your firm and your practice areas, you cannot ignore internet users. Click here to check some of the best practices for law firm web design and digital marketing.

Website Presents Credibility:

You will never find a credible brand or business without having a professional website. It just does not happen in the 21st century. Click here to learn more about great features of law firm website design.


Here are some tips for designing your law firm’s website:

Websites are one of the important assets for your law firm and if you are going to put time, energy and money into designing a website, you need to ensure it is effective. Here are some basic tips for getting a quality website design for your law firm.

1 – Make The Right Selection of CMS:

CMS or a content management system is a program that lets you manage your website easily after its launch without depending on the website designer or developer. You can easily publish content, add or delete pages and images. There are many options but most lawyers prefer WordPress. It is easy to use and has a major selection of themes, resources and tools.

2- Choose The Right Website Designing Company or Web Designer

Before hiring a website designing company or web designer for your law firm’s website, don’t get trapped by your web design agency by:

– Signing a long term contract for a website that you were promised will deliver high traffic but doesn’t do anything except costing you hundreds of dollars each month.

– You get no help when your website goes down once it’s up and running.

Click here to learn more about questions you need to ask before hiring a law firm web design company.

3- Choose a Consistent Color Palette

When planning your law firm website design, spend time with your web design company or web designer and think about the image of your brand that you want to convey. The color scheme of your law firm’s website will go a long way. Make your goal to use 2 or 3 consistent color.

4. Invest in Quality Content

Your law firm’s website is not only about aesthetics. The layout and design of the website may draw user’s attention, but it is the content that encourages users to stay around. If you are going to pay few thousand dollars for something which is not related to design, invest in website content. Your home page content isn’t only essential in engaging users, but it also helps Google and other search engines find whether your law firm’s website is useful and relevant.

Need Assistance From Law Firm Web Designers?

You only have 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your law firm’s website. We are here to ensure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into potential clients. Our web designers and developers bring together all of the website design best practices you need to attract, engage, convert and win clients. Learn more about our website design services or talk to our web designers and developers today.

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