Top 5 Steps to Boost Your Small Business Visibility Online


Claiming your position on the web has become difficult than ever. Many times search related to your products, services or business name don’t lead to your small business website. Competitors with close names or similar domain names along with casual products or services often beat your small business to the Google’s top results.

Running your websites basic SEO and submitting it to Google and other search engines are basic first steps but they are no longer enough. Following are top 3 steps to boost your small business visibility online.

1- Build Your Web Site Structure:

The first key to standing out entails a strategy that lies entirely within your control, building the size of your web site up. Sites with more pages have a tendency to rank higher in internet search engine results, though Google’s algorithms are not public. Google also allocates more links and real estate to pages which have a deeper page construction, embedding secondary links called Google Sitelinks to subsidiary pages on your web site. Involve your website design company or web designer in building your web site structure.

A Google result of this kind can consume up to 3 times as much screen space as a regular search result. Begin by segmenting the home page content into secondary pages that are clear, under headings like About Us, Places, Services, Rate Info, Customer Reviews, and Contact. You do not need to set lots of info on each page, but strive to be verbose as opposed to succinct, set content that is unique on each page, and use key words, particularly in the page name. Pictures help, also. Avoid using Flash in your website design. Although Flash content can be generally spidered by Google as of late, many website visitors do not like Flash.

2- Spend Some Time on Social Media Channels:

You do not have to involve yourself in the particulars of Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to boost your company on these channels. Just having accounts in position and keeping them active in a way that is basic can lift your visibility to search engines and to users of the networks. Do not get overly elaborated when you put in place your social media accounts. Use text and pictures consistently, and ensure capitalization fashions, spelling, and all contact information stay the same across each network. If you don’t have the time and resources to manage your social media marketing activities, consider hiring an expert digital and internet marketing company in India because India is known for its professional technical expertise worldwide.

Everything has to link back to your home page as frequently as possible. Contain your company name to the extent you can, when you select your usernames for each account. It’s also important to pay attention to your keywords.

3- Use Yelp:

Yelp listings performs very well in Google search results page, so if your company has a physical presence, a retail store, site service, any other product or service, make sure your Yelp listing is maintained, precise, and up-to date. It’s better to get more reviews from customers. Like comments on blog, having a large number of Yelp reviews help companies perform better in search results page.

Add your company logo and description here also. The rules regulating what types of companies may appear on Yelp are quite liberal, even Yelp itself has a Yelp listing. Give it a try so if you are on the fence about whether you must submit your company to Yelp and see what happens. Your visibility can significantly improve online.

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