Top 6 Tips to Keep Up With Digital Marketing Trend in 2016

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A few months ago, I attended one of the best digital marketing conferences where an audience full of brand digital marketers and digital marketing consultants learned about few tech start ups by listening to their story to a panel of specialists. Even though each star up gave an engaging presentation, the topic that created the most interest and buzz was, “How to keep up with the latest digital and internet marketing technology and trend that are available to market a brand, product and services to keep pace with the latest technology. Though some ideas were shared but the general agreement was that there’s no easy solution. Hearing the solution from the audience as well as finding the challenge myself, I thought it valuable to explore some possible and best solutions.

This post provides a number of best techniques for staying on top of digital, online and internet marketing trends. There are number of great ideas, specific bookmarking suggestions, reading suggestions and much more for how to stay ahead on digital marketing trends.

Here are 6 tips for keeping up with digital marketing trends

1- Choose LinkedIn Pulse

Choose LinkedIn Pulse as your got to source. Set it up with influencers, publications and topics that are related to your niche and check it at least 4 to 5 times a days. You can easily scan for latest digital marketing trends and technologies that are relevant to your products and services.

2- Twitter Trending Topics

Use Twitter for trending topics to stay up to date. You can use specific hashtag and always have it running in the background to make sure that you read news in real time.

3- Check Aggregator Website

Make your daily habit of checking the aggregator website every day because you could find this activity so important, you may devote time to this before even checking your emails every morning.

4- Set Google News

Set up a Google news filter to 24 hours and also set filters for the phrases “social media marketing” “digital marketing” “online marketing”, and “internet marketing” trend specific to your country, for example “digital marketing trend in India” “online marketing trend in India” or “internet marketing trend in Italy”. By doing this you will see new updates on these topics.

5- Listen to BeanCast

Listen to BeanCast (It’s a weekly marketing podcast featuring host Bob Knorpp and a range of advertising experts from around the world). Listening on your way to work on Mondays is a best way to kick-off your week with fresh new digital ideas.

6- Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Convert your website to a mobile friendly website (Responsive Website) because online shopping on mobile now exceeds laptop and desktop online shopping time. About 75% of consumers use smartphone while they are shopping as compared to 48% for desktops and laptops combined and number is continuously climbing. If your business website or ecommerce website is not mobile friendly, you may lose potential business because 58% of consumers use their mobile device to find a retailer, 49% read reviews and 54% compare prices so if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, take the immediate action and hire a professional responsive website design company to make your website mobile friendly. To know more about smartphone movement for mobile users, watch the video below.


To conclude you need to keep up with the digital marketing trend, make user friendly responsive website, visit competitors website to see what they are upto and what strategy is working for them, invest time and money in digital and online marketing, create Google alerts for your targeted keywords and phrases to stay abreast of industry news and follow official Google, YouTube and Facebook blogs and the Buffer blog for social media trend and advise. To know more, check out the Infographic below.

keeping up with digital marketing

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